What is The Crypt?

The Crypt is an immersive game experience where your team has a specific objective to complete before time runs out.  Each of our themed rooms contains a countdown timer, hint request button (should you get completely stumped), and video cameras that allow us to monitor your progress.  You will also find clues, puzzles, and objects that will help your team be successful.  Our escape rooms are lots of fun, offer great team building opportunities, and are completely unique.

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Who Is The Crypt For?

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Friends & Family

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Parties & Celebrations

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Team Building

Our Escape Rooms

Puzzles of Superstition Mountains

You and your expedition team have come across an abandoned miner’s cabin in the Superstition Mountains.  Could this be the hideout of the legendary Lost Dutchman?  Are there clues as to the whereabouts of his mine? 

Perhaps even a map?


The Infirmary

For decades, there have been rumors of medical experimentation occurring in the mental hospital’s infirmary.  The autopsies of several deceased patients indicate exposure to some mysterious virus.  One patient is in critical condition and has been given one hour to live. 

Can your team find the antidote and save the lives of those infected before it is too late?


Larger Format Games

Earthlings Ultra Game

We have been visited for centuries.  Extraterrestrials have been tapping the Earth’s resources and leaving signs for future visitors.  Investigators have learned that another visit is imminent.  What is the purpose of their visit?  Do they come in peace?  What are they looking for?

​Our Ultra Game is for larger groups and we bring the game to you!

Contact Info

Text us!  520-355-7763


4302 East Ray Road, Ste 104

Phoenix, AZ, 85044