What is a Rage Room?

Do you sometimes just want to hit the printer with a baseball bat?  Take a 9-iron to a TV screen?  Smash some vases, glasses, and other breakables to smithereens?

Now you can!

A Rage Room (aka Smash Room, Break Room, or Anger Room) is a safe place where you can let off some steam by smashing items. 

We provide the smashables, protective gear, and weapons for you.  And we do the clean up!

Close-toed shoes are required.  Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

How Much Does It Cost?

Leave Me Alone

Take some time to yourself!


Quick Vent: 6 small items   $18

Too Much Fun: 6 small items, 2 medium items   $22

I’ve Got Issues: 6 small items, 2 medium items, 1 electronic   $26

Couples Therapy

Rage with that special someone!


Let’s Be Friends:  10 small items   $30

Committed:  10 small items, 4 medium items   $36

Cheaper Than Counseling: 10 small items, 4 medium items, 2 electronics   $48

Contact Info

Text us!  520-355-7763


4302 East Ray Road, Ste 104

Phoenix, AZ, 85044